Gerard Moon, Fred Yue and Iain Corbett

Leasing firm launches with support of BLME

A new leasing firm has launched to provide funding to SMEs, backed by Bank of London and The Middle East plc (BLME).

Glasgow-based Carrick Asset Finance is being headed up by a management team including UK leasing industry specialists Gerard Moon of Macquarie Asset Leasing and Iain Corbett, who have worked in the leasing sector and at asset finance start-ups for over 50 years collectively, and will target SMEs through a range of products and services including: hire purchase, lease purchase, finance lease, sale and leaseback offered through selected brokers.

This will include fleets. Iain Corbett, director, Carrick Asset Finance, said: “The transportation sector will inevitably end up being a key area of business for Carrick. Asset such as buses, coaches, heavy & light commercial vehicles, trailers and cars are likely to feature prominently in our portfolio as it develops.” Article by Natalie Middleton  via Fleet World

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