Carrick: Four Years Young

It seems incredible, but that’s four years since Carrick opened for business. Looks like time does go quickly when you’re having fun!

We’re all very proud of what we’ve built up since our launch in October 2018. We’re also super-appreciative of the help we’ve had from all our brokers, customers and other business partners who’ve helped us gain the momentum and success we have.

We think we’ve laid down some solid foundations for long-term, sustainable growth and are looking forward to the next few years with a mixture of excitement and quiet confidence. And yes, we’re absolutely determined to retain our strong service offering, because people tell us every day that service is our key differentiator.

So, whether you borrow from us, introduce business to us, or work with us in some other way – thank you for your support and everything you’ve done to help get us to our fourth birthday. You’ve been amazing and (warning: cliché approaching), we couldn’t have done it without you!

Happy Birthday to Us!